Drilling Rig, Lone Star, Abu Dhabi.

The TDS2000 semi-submersible drilling rig built in Port Zayed, Abu Dhabi, is designed with drilling equipment suitable for well work over (completion and intervention), exploration drilling as well as development drilling.
It embodies the collective past experience of new builds and conversions of semi-submersible units, which results in a rig, which is optimized for offshore operations, ease of construction and safety aspects.
The TDS2000 drilling semi-submersible is designed for environments offshore Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and West Africa in up to 2,400 m (7,880 ft) water depths and can drill up to 7,500 m (24,600 ft) from RKB with a Variable Drilling Load of up to 7,000 mTon (7,700 sTon).
The vessel is designed to keep station with eight azimuth thrusters utilizing a dynamic positioning system to meet ABS Class requirements for DPS2 and Petrobras specification. The DP-system have been designed to keep the vessel on location according to the Campos Basin 1-year environmental conditions with the riser connected and under drilling operations.