SFPA Norna, UK.

The Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency (SFPA) was an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government. The SFPA is responsible for both deterring illegal fishing in Scottish waters, as well as monitoring the compliance of the fisheries industry in Scotland with the relevant Scottish and European Union laws on fisheries. The Agency has 18 Fishery Offices, a fleet of 3 Fishery Protection Vessels, and 2 aircraft for the purposes of monitoring and enforcement in the waters around Scotland. The letters “SF” appearing in the Agency’s ensign relate to the words “Sea Fisheries” as the agency is part of the UK Sea Fisheries Inspectorate (SFI).
fpvnornaThe Sulisker type were offshore patrol vessels with a displacement of 1,365 tonnes and a maximum speed of 18 knots. They could spend up to 21 days on patrol. The first of the type, FPV Sulisker was launched in 1980, decommissioned late 2006 and is currently undergoing conversion to a luxury yacht in Lowestoft. FPV Vigilant, launched in 1982, was decommissioned in Spring 2008. The last of this type in service was FPV Norna which was launched in 1987 and paid off in October 2010.